9 Total device values

In addition to the activity data, each device records the total device values for the connected sensors in an extra memory. Whenever you use your device, it adds the new values to the total device values, including for rides to the local bakery or calibration rides. Select the total device values under My Devices > Device. Import the latest total device values from your device.

9.1 Updating and viewing total device values

The total device values are the cumulative data for a SIGMA device. You can import the total device values from your SIGMA device into DATA CENTER.

Once you have connected the SIGMA device to your computer, you can update the total device values for a device. Total device values are only the values that are actually stored on the device. Manual entries in DATA CENTER will only be considered if they have been transmitted back to the device.

  1. Select My Devices. All SIGMA devices are displayed.
  2. Select a SIGMA device followed by Total device values. The total device values for the SIGMA device are displayed.
  3. Select Menu followed by Import from device. The total device values are updated.

    Note: Use the Statistics area if you want to evaluate your data records in DATA CENTER.

9.2 Sending total device values to the device

You can send the total device values from the DATA CENTER to the SIGMA device. This function is required in the following situations:

  • You have a new SIGMA device and want to continue the total device values from your old one.
  • The device had no battery and lost its total device values.

9.3 Total device values history

Every time the total device values are imported, a new history with the import date is created. You can therefore move from history to history and monitor the progress of the total device values.

9.4 Resetting the total device values

You can reset the total device values to zero.

  1. Select Menu followed by Reset.